Staff Development Training – Let’s face it, if you’re like most people working 9-5 you spend most of your precious time with co-workers and commuting. Yes, more time than with your family and friends.  Have you done the math? I did and once I saw that number staring back at me, I made a pivotal mindset change.


So let’s be honest and talk about the elephants in every organization. Here are some of the most common obstacles brought up in training events.

  1. How do you get up and come to work even when you want to call in sick.
  2. The commute is killing me.
  3. How to deal with poor leadership.
  4. Office gossip.
  5. Mean girls.
  6. Overlooked for promotion.
  7. This is not what I went to school for.
  8. How to ask for what you need.
  9. I can’t stand my co-workers.
  10. I’m just going through the motions.
  • Leadership Training

  • Would you like to know how to lead and motivate staff to bring out maximum effort which will result in:
  1.  Increased Bottom Line
  2.  Increased Staff Retention
  3.  Reduced Staff Turnover
  4.  Reduced Cost of Hiring/Training New Hires
  5.  Improve Staff Wellness & Moral
  • Individual Coaching Online : Can you relate to any of these situations:


  1. Do you have dreams and goals that have taken a back seat to other responsibilities?
  2. When people ask you what happened you most likely answer “Life Happened”
  3. Have you been stuck at a job because you have to pay the bills but you’re miserable.
  4. Perhaps you’ve given up and just going through the motions.  But days have turned into months and months into years and years into perhaps decades.

I’d like to save you valuable time by sharing skills and strategies I’ve learned through real life experiences and mistakes I’ve made along the way.  I will walk by your side on your path in reaching your goals.

Key Note Speaker – Are you looking for a speaker that knows how to relate to your audience in a practical and sincere way, then you found her.


Latina Bilingual Speaker –  Being fluent is Spanish is one of the greatest gifts my parents bestowed upon me.  It’s with honor and gratitude that I have been able to reach many diverse groups.