Calling all supervisors, managers, bosses, directors: DO YOU VALIDATE YOUR STAFF?  If the answer is no I have to tell you.  You’re missing out on the biggest return for your investment EVER !!

These are just some of the WINS you’re missing out on when you neglect STAFF VALIDATION…

  1. Increased Productivity
  2. Increased Bottom Line
  3. Increased Creativity
  4. Maximum Effort
  5. Positive Staff Morale
  6. Increased Loyalty
  7. Decreased Turnover
  8. Decreased Workers Comp Claims
  9. Decreased HR Claims
  10. Decreased Sick Days
  11. Decreased Office Gossip / Drama

If you’re still reading this I urge you-don’t allow your EGO to get in the way.  I know you may be thinking this sounds cheesy.  Or maybe you believe people should just be grateful for a steady job and a paycheck.  After all that’s the arrangement right?  Employee agrees to perform duties for a predetermined amount of hours in exchange for a set monetary figure.

My friends, if this is your mindset allow me to challenge you to access your Emotional Intelligence.  Expand and think beyond the obvious.  If you dare to be vulnerable and courageous as the best selling author, Dr. Brene Brown suggests, read on. 

 I can tell you that most subjects brought up in coaching sessions or training conflict management all come down to lack of VALIDATION.

All human beings need and strive on validation.  It starts at childhood.  It’s about how the adult”s eyes light up (or not) when the child walks in the room.   We are all looking for the one person who we think the world of to validate our existence.  To show us that we matter.  That what we do matters.  As we grow into adulthood, the need to be validated does not disappear it manifests in different ways.

Here’s an example. True Story – I once worked for a highly intelligent business owner. For some time I respected and admired his brilliance.  Working at this company felt like family.  We all worked very hard , cared about the company and each other.  I could safely say that more than half of the employees were high producers, loyal, with exceptional work ethic, and focused experts at our craft.  We would bend over backwards and went above and beyond to reach company goals.  We received a salary, commission and health benefits.  This was a fun place to work and morale was high.   This was the environment for several years.   Somewhere along the way there were subtle changes and moves however the staff continued to perform and it was business as usual.  Until this one change the staff felt very strongly against and expressed the concerns to the owner.

He did not take it well -AT ALL.  I along with many other loyal, hard working employees were honestly shocked at his reaction.   I was speechless and didn’t see it coming.  Up to this point I thought highly of his abilities to lead.  He crushed us and demoralized his team.  I clearly remember his words, he called us cowards for writing the petition and leaving it on his desk.  He said this business was not a democracy and whoever did not like it he’d be more than happy to help find employment elsewhere.  He said many other things from the podium but those are the ones that impacted me the most.

In all fairness perhaps the staff’s approach in expressing our disagreement with the changes was not the best.  Maybe there was a better way.  None the less,  his reaction destroyed what took years to build.  The sad thing was that I don’t think he was aware of the tremendous loss and the fall out after his response to a simple request.

After offering to find us an other job, those who stayed lost their motivation and were depleted. Most people including the highest performers made the decision that day to start looking for employment elsewhere.

In case you’re wondering,  YES, he’s still in business and I sincerely hope he’s doing well. Not everyone left or moved on.  And I often wonder how powerful and amazing this company would have been if he had VALIDATED the staff that day.  The potential and the talent in that room was unique, a rare find.  It was sad to see that he didn’t recognize that this group of people would have taken the company to the highest levels in the industry and beyond.  We had a lot left to give and would have delivered, without a doubt.

The irony is that he really didn’t need to honor our request.  All he had to do was VALIDATE our concerns and listen.   If he would have taken the time to explain the reasoning for the necessary changes we could have understood and probably problem solved the logistics with him. However EGO and lack of EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE got in the way.

Now many years later, I value this experience as a wonderful learning opportunity.  I find the purpose in all the lessons.

Since then my career has taken me from front line staff to upper management, now coaching, mentoring , training and speaking and I’d like to ask all  leaders to check your EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE and your level of VALIDATING others.  I promise, you will not regret it and you will reap the benefits!!!! 

Lisa Marie

Jeremiah 29:11